The online poker is one of the first approaches to poker for many players. In the absence of a casino or card room close to home, many players have taken their first steps on the internet.

When a novice or novice player approaches online poker, usually mistakes immediately jump to the eyes, it is easy to perceive them. Let’s say they have the right to make mistakes if that lesson is then assimilated and kept in mind for the future.

Among the various gaps, we have found four obvious errors that risk not leading to the growth of the novice player, who could remain a prisoner of such leaks at a very low level from a technical point of view and never see improvements. Here’s what they are and what needs to be done to eliminate them.

Theory yes, but let’s not exaggerate

Many players who approach online poker and, at the same time, grind and study the theoretical part of the game . Hand selection, range, size and more. An important and positive factor that alone demonstrates the desire to grow on the part of the individual player.

The theory, however, often leads players to stick to their ideas , even when the dynamics of the table change and ask everyone for a change of pace. The main mistake lies right here. Not knowing how to adapt to the peculiarities of the table and what is happening .

Often the error occurs mainly with the stack. When we are deep it is allowed to open somehow to less strong ranges , also to put pressure on rivals and if possible, to extract more value from the cards we have. Conversely, with a smaller stack it is advisable to play a more selective range and rely on playing in position.

In beginners this almost never happens. They continue with their standard game, even when the situation calls for what extra risk to take. So the theory is good, but knowing how to adapt to the dynamics of the table is in turn decisive. More flexible and less rigid .

Each player is unique

The second most common mistake by a beginner is not to categorize opposing players but to consider them all the same. Big mistake. There will be the strong and the poor rival, the player in full good run and the one who is losing every blow.

Clearly online there are thousands of players who gravitate around poker, consequently taking notes on the various players and labeling them, helps to recognize them and create an immense database of information on these players.

Multitab only if we are capable

Beginner players on the wings of enthusiasm and often betrayed by the desire to learn, “randomly” open too many tables . Often they are not able to manage them, other times they are pressed by too many choices to be made together and in a few seconds, or they lose lucidity from the effort to play more tournaments and in some cases they jeopardize the bankroll by playing above their means.

Multitablare certainly helps to break down variance and boredom, but it risks being a double-edged sword if we are not yet ready to play multiple events at the same time .

So one step at a time and never longer than the leg. We always start with a single tournament and over time, by acquiring experience and skills, we can increase the number of tables with which to compete.

Playing irrationally

Most of the novice players are people who engage in online poker in the evening hours. After a day spent between work, family, commitments and much more. In short, a moment of leisure more than legitimate. But this does not authorize you to play irrationally .

Emotions must be controlled and always kept away from poker, where instead you must play rationally and with skill. Consequently tensions, problems, various negativities are only a ballast that risk sinking the various sessions.